Do you have family already in Australia? Wilson Consulting Services can assist you with putting together the best possible visa application to help bring your family back together.

Are you in a relationship with an Australian partner and would like to relocate to Australia with them? Our specialist immigration advisors will work with you to offer immigration advice and visa application assistance.

Wilson Consulting Services are Brisbane’s family visa experts.  If you have wish to see your partner, parents or other family immigrate to Australia, we will help you explore the family visa options available to you.  These include:

Partner Visas

If you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident we can help you bring your spouse or de facto partner to Australia.

There are two temporary partner visas:

Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 309) – offshore

This is a visa for partners who are not living in Australia at the time of the application. An Australian visa office in your partner’s country of origin will process the application. 

Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) – onshore

This is a visa for people who have already entered Australia on a valid visa and wish to apply for a Partner Visa in Australia.

Both these visas can convert to permanent residency as subclass 100 or 801 visas, 2 years after the temporary visa is submitted.

Prospective Marriage Visa  (Subclass 300)

This temporary nine-month visa enables you to marry your prospective spouse in Australia or in another country. After your marriage you can apply for a partner visa leading to permanent residence.

Parent Visa Options

There are a range of Parent visa options including new temporary options from November 2017.

Other Permanent visa options include Aged Parent visa onshore (subclass 804 visa) & offshore (subclass 103 visa) and Contributory Parent Visas which can be submitted onshore or offshore (visa subclasses 173, 143, 864, 884).

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident you can apply to sponsor your parents to join you. Parent visa applications need to meet the following conditions.

As a sponsor you must:

  • be ’settled’ in Australia – this generally means having lived here legally for at least two years
  • pass the ‘balance of family‘ test – this relates to the number of siblings you have and where they live
  • pay the ‘contributory parent’ visa charges if you choose to submit a Contributory visa.

The Contributory Visa charges are designed to cover potentially high medical expenses for elderly people and are processed quicker than the non-contributory parent visas.

Child Visa Options

You can apply to bring a child to live with you in Australia if you are already a Permanent Resident or Citizen. You can submit a visa offshore or onshore.

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